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The Specials

The Specials is a series featuring the stories of successful special needs pet adoptions. Senior pets, those with chronic medical issues, behavioral or temperament concerns as well as overlooked or misunderstood breeds like pit bulls and black cats. If not for the kindness, courage, and compassion of their adopters, many of these animals would have been euthanized in shelters or perished alone and hungry on the streets.

Special needs pet adoption is one of my greatest passions and raising awareness and compassion for these animals is at the heart of this blog. All of my animals have been rescues, many of them seniors with special needs. They have arrived with baggage, but somehow we figure it out together. Like Ruby and Pip and Daisy and Cleo (and the list goes on), they have all been beautifully imperfect in their own unique ways and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

I hope The Specials will inspire you to consider welcoming a special needs pet into your home and heart when the time is right. These special animals have much to share and when given a chance, their gratitude and love is immense. 

Have a special story to share? Please email us at thedailypip(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Adopting A Deaf Feral Cat - Elsie
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Adopting A Senior, Blind And Deaf Dog - Dottie
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Adopting Deaf Dogs - Winnie and Arlo
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Rescuing an abused bait dog
 Adopting An Abused And Abandoned Dog - Wonder Boy
May 10, 2017

Adopting Cletus a one-of-a-kind-dog from Best Friends
  Adopting a one-of-a-kind dog - Cletus

Rescuing and adopting a former bait dog
 Adopting a Rescued Fighting Dog - Edwin

Adopting and training deaf and blind dogs
 Adopting Blind and Deaf Dogs

Adopting a cat with severe fear aggression
 Adopting a Cat With Fear Aggression - Vivian

Adopting a rescued senior pitbull
Maxwell Medallion Nominee Dog Writer's Association of America

Adopting and training an aggressive dog
Adopting an Aggressive Dog - Miles

Adopting a blind dog and Muffin's Halo
Adopting Blind Dogs - Angel Muffin and Prince

Shelly is FIV positive and lives at the The Quincy House at Best Friends in Kanab, Utah
Adopting cats with special needs - The Cats of Quincy House

Adopting a cat with FIV
Adopting a cat with FIV - Boots

Adopting a senior rabbit with special needs
Adopting bunnies with special needs - Kringle, Krissy, and Ebenezer

Adopting Moet the blind cat
Adopting a Blind Cat Moet

Adopting Injured Cats Pickles and Jasper

Adopting and training a blind therapy dog
Adopting a Blind Dog Faith

Adopting a pitbull used for backyard breeding
Adopting A Backyard Breeder Pearl

Adopting a dog with an autoimmune issues
Adopting A Dog With Autoimmune Issues Lilly

Adopting a wobbly cat with Cebellar Hypoplasia
Adopting A Wobbly Cat Wobbles and Fawkes

Adopting a paralyzed dog in a wheelchair
 Adopting A Paralyzed Dog Lola

Adopting a senior cat left behind after her owner passed away
Adopting A Senior Cat Mango

Adopting and foster a senior dog
Adopting A Senior Dog Diamond

Adopting and rehabilitating an abandoned dog
Adopting An Abandoned Dog - Lucky

Rescuing and adopting a paralyzed cat
Adopting A Paralyzed Cat - Evan

Adopting and rehabilitating an abused cat
Adopting An Abused Cat - Angelina 

Rescuing and adopting a puppy mill survivor
Adopting A Puppy Mill Survivor - Reba

Adopting and training a deaf dog
Adopting Deaf Dogs - Yeti, Moby, and Chena

Adopting a court case dog
Adopting A Court Case Dog - Ruby



2 Punk Dogs said...

Love "The Specials!" I think all 7 of our guys qualify, even Doug the lizard, who was missing a toe when we got him - he climbs just fine without it. :)

nylabluesmum said...

Fab post here! I have always adopted 'Special Needs' cats...they each had a different problem so I have had to learn a lot each time.
Siddhartha Henry survived Rhino Virus & Panleukopenia (altho' he almost died twice). He now had chronic IBS & some motor impairment & as the Vet told me: "If I could diagnose him with ADD, I would!" So I have my hands full with him...AAND he is a Seal Burmese & people think of himas a 'black cat' & are wary of him....which is fine. I love him as he is.
Nylablue (b4 P SH) had Peridontel Disease & Chronic Cystitis & was 5 yrs old when I got adopted her. Took 1 1/2 yrs to clear Cystitis. then had rest of teeth removed & she was healthy for 3 yrs. And then she developed IBD & managed to live for 1 1/2 yrs. Once Diabetes developed I had her put to sleep. She was with me almost 9 yrs.
Mingflower (B4 NB) had brain damage (from abuse) & was 'Autistic' & had to have a lot of attention & care. She was a good traveler tho' Healthy until she was 16 yrs old & then she developed Kidney Disease. With great Vet care she lived for 2 1/2 yrs & once she went into Renal Failure I had to PTS. She was suffering so much.
Those are my past 2 cts; a total of 27 yrs with 'the girls', Siddhartha henry has been with me since Dec.9th, 2014 (5 mths) & is now 20 mths old. We are still growing up together. He is high maintenance & I aodre him to bits! Thanks for letting me share a bit about my felines.
Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha Henry

Denise Gruzensky said...

You already know how much I LOVE this series! In a Facebook group I follow "Blind Dogs" one of our members has an amazing story that fits right into your series. Her rescued Blind Dog has just became a therapy dog.
This is a teaser from her post: "I am SO excited to share our big news with everyone in this group! Faith has to add a new word to her Blind Dog harness....she is now officially a Blind Therapy Dog!!! This is something that we have been working towards ever since she was adopted. Her foster mom noted something special in this girl and new she needed to do therapy work. When I put in my application to adopt from the rescue Faith came from, I originally wanted a dog to do dog agility or obedience with. Faith's foster emailed me and asked that instead of an agility dog, how about training a blind dog to do therapy work. We fell in love with Faith instantly, and training has not always been easy as she is a busy, busy girl but also the sweetest and most loving girl I have ever been around. We will now embark on a new journey spreading the love and joy of this blind girl and I could not be more proud....Faith you have changed my life forever and I am SO blessed to be your Mom." Dog mom's name is Kim Forsythe on Facebook. I asked her permission to share her story with you and she said definitely.

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

I don't think any of us special needs kitties but we're all super special, for sure. Least that's what the peep says. Of course, special needs kitties are EXTRA special, I believe, giving back the love they receive, tenfold. Purrs, Seville.

Madi and Mom said...

Oh my gosh...this is beautiful too!!
My daughter and son in law adopted two shelter cats last Sept and November.
Frisco a beautiful ginger boy. He was being foster for a few weeks by a local cat rescue. I'm told the rescue often goes by the shelter to check to see if they can find homes. Frisco was a lucky boy and my daughter and Sil were lucky to find him.
He was ~6 months old. He turned 1 year on March 20. He was so loving and accepting they thought he might be a purrfect candidate for a little bro or sis. Same cat rescue group was holding another adoption of shelter cats. Mia age was guessed to e between 18 mos and 2 years. A beautiful tortie and so gentle. Her cage indicated that day was her last day of being foster and she would go back to the shelter. No telling what would happen next....but we have a good guess. They scooped her up quickly and pretty much the rest is history.
Frisco was smitten from day one. Mia must have been a mother cat at some point. She treated Frisco like her baby bathed him and rarely leaves his side. Their relationship is now more on a peer basis. They don't know much about Mia but designated her birthday to me tomorrow. they are saying she is 2
Love, Cecilia

Brian said...

I just had to stop by and say a big congratulations on the 2 wins at BlogPaws!

Christina said...

Congratulations on your double win on your BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards! I love your site but I particularly love this post "The Specials" ..Rock on girl, rock on!

Carrie Coronado said...

Hi. My name is Carrie. My husband Craig and I adopted three rescue dogs. We got Angel and her brother Nemo at the same time. They were both abused, neglected, and starved. They were kept in a closet. A lot of people wanted to separate them because Nemo was born with a birth defect. One of his front legs is really short. Well, when we heard about them we didn't hesitate for a second. We wanted both of them. They are both so amazing. Nemo can do anything. He is a sweet, funny, sometimes crazy little guy. Angel is always with me. She is such a sweetheart. We got them to the vet right away. We had them fixed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, shots. We had to teach them to pee and poo outside because they were kept in a closet and never taken outside. That took some time but we did it. A year or so went by and we got the urge to rescue another baby. So, along comes Boo Boo. He is such a joy. We always say he is a German shepherd in a Chihuahua body..He acts like a little guard dog. Very protective and very funny. I love when he cuddles with me and lays his head on my shoulder. We have no Kids of our own, but these sweet, precious, incredible, perfect babies are our kids. We love them with all our hearts. Our world revolves around them. I left my job to stay at home with them. They have such anxiety when we have to leave. Now that I am home everyday they are so much happier. They're worth it all.

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